Corns and callous

"When your feet hurt, it shows on your face"

- anon.

How true it is that a small stone in your shoe can stop you in your tracks. So too can a corn or painful callous prevent you from enjoying your life.

Skin is clever. It is able to protect underlying structures (bone, tendon, muscle) where there are areas of high pressure it gets thicker. Let's take for example one of your toes getting squashed inside your shoe.

The skin gets thicker (corn, callous) to protect the underlying bones.  A problem occurs if the skin becomes too thick the pressure between the skin and the shoe increases. This sets off a perpetual cause and effect reaction, eventually, the area hurts in all of your shoes.

Corns and callous can be painlessly and easily removed by a podiatrist your feet will immediately feel great. We can also address the underlying cause of the lesion and in most cases remove it so that these painful lesions stop forming.