This is our special area of interest we have a fully functional onsite orthotics lab to make custom devices from scratch which makes this process less expensive and quicker.  We are also happy to repair, recover and modify orthotics and insoles made in other labs.




Foot orthotics are shoe inserts specifically designed to support, align or improve the function of the foot. Anyone suffering from a chronic foot or lower limb condition such as persistent tendonitis, fasciitis, ankle strain, knee pain or even problem callouses may find orthotic therapy beneficial. Sports people may also be prescribed orthotics to correct any biomechanical issues and to help maximise their performance. 

I have a particular interest in orthotic therapy and have more than 20 years experience in prescribing and manufacturing custom made orthotics for all age groups. Not everyone needs a custom orthotic, often a more simple custom modified over-the-counter orthotic is sufficient or I can adjust your existing orthotic to suit your current foot problem.

At City Podiatry we cast and manufacture orthotics on site, which means the person who manufactures your orthotic is the same person who examined your feet, not a third person in a commercial lab in another city. This also enables us to provide an affordable service with a fast turn-around time, and any alterations or adjustments can usually be done immediately while you wait.